Yarkhill bells are rung regularly by the ‘Society of Stedman Ringers’ which is the name of the St John the Baptist, Yarkhill band. We ring on Friday evenings between 7:00 -8:30pm, and on the first and third Sunday in the month at 10:15-11:00am before the morning service.

If you wish to join us, we would love to warmly welcome you to Fabian Stedman’s birthplace and give you the chance to ring our beautiful bells. It is recommended that before coming you check with the tower contact as sometimes we have joint practice with Tarrington or Lugwardine and therefore may not be ringing at Yarkhill.


We are very happy for visitors to book our bells for outings, special practices, quarter peals and peals. We believe that the bells are there for the pleasure of others but we can get booked up quiet often. Because of the neighbours we therefore try not to have too much ringing in any given week, so if you are wishing to come, book well in advance so not to be disappointed. Though we do not have specific charges, we request £20 for one hour’s visiting ringing; quarter peals £20 and £80 for a peal. We are still raising money to pay off the loan and until that is paid off we are hoping ringers will understand our suggested donations.

You can contact us by either ringing, emailing or writing the to Ringing Master on

Mr. Ashley Fortey
Yarkhill Ringing Master
39 Church Road,


We look forward to hearing from you in due course.


300th Anniversary of Fabian Stedman

The 16th of November 2013 marked the 300th anniversary of Fabian Stedman’s Funeral and Burial at St Andrew’s Undershaft, London. Over the whole world of change ringing bells were rung to commemorate this milestone and acknowledge his contribution to the art of change ringing.

For many years it has been known that Fabian Stedman was born and baptised in Yarkhill, Herefordshire as records survive, and that his father was Rector of Yarkhill. We know a great deal about his life from research that has been carried out by bell ringing historians who have searched the whereabouts of Fabian’s past and the many ringing links there are in the London towers, and his membership of the Ancient Society of College Youths.

As part of the celebration a group of Herefordshire members of the Ancient Society of College youths rung a special peal arranged by the Society of Stedman Ringers’ Ringing Master to be our contribution to the anniversary event. The following peal was rung:

Ancient Society of College Youths
St John the Baptist, Yarkhill, Herefordshire. (4-1-27)
On Thursday 14th November 2013 in 2hrs 35mins
(Composed by I J B Lates, Arranged by B H Taylor)
1 Darran Ricks
2 Stephen W Barton
3 C Martin Foster
4 Neil Bennett
5 Frederick Shallcross
6 Ashley C Fortey
7 Bernard H Taylor (C)
8 Roman E Sadowski
Rung to commemorate the Tercentenary of the burial of Fabian Stedman, at St Andrew Undershaft, London 16th November 1713. He was baptized here at Yarkhill in 1640.