The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held after the service on Sunday 7th April at 12noon. All parishioners are invited to attend and if you are on the Electoral Roll you will be entitled to vote at this meeting.

Electoral roll

Electoral roll

The electoral roll is the parish church’s register of those qualified to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meetings.

Under church rules the roll has to be renewed every 6 years and 2019 is the year for this to happen. That means everyone has to come off the roll and re-apply.
You can apply to be on the Electoral Roll if:

You are baptised
You are over 16 yrs old
You live within Yarkhill Parish or have worshipped regularly at Yarkhill church for at least 6 months.

Application forms can be found in the church or can be downloaded from the website; yarhillchurch.org.uk (see download page). Forms need to be returned to the churchwarden before Friday 5th April.  Either leave them in the church or contact the Churchwarden Ashley Fortey


Supporting the Bell Project

Fundraising and future ambitions of the Yarkhill Church PCC.

During 2013 ringing by visiting ringers has raised £1,100 before gift aid and though 2014 is expected to be less, we still hope to raise least £600. From the initial £12,000 loan we have paid a third off, leaving us a total of £8,000 still to pay before our attention can be applied to fund raising for the new kitchen & toilet plus a ringing gallery so that there is space for these additional facilities. A sum of £9,000 has already been earmarked for the kitchen and toilet with the need to find at least £30,000. When we are closer to our target we will need to update our quotations.

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Completion of the old bells including welding the old third: £10,000
Repaying the interest free loan: £8,000
Completing the Kitchen & Toilet plus gallery floor: £40,000

Total approximately: £60,000

If you would like to donate then please send cheques payable to ‘Yarkhill PCC bell fund’

Yarkhill Ringing Master
38 Church Road,

All donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged. If you would like to know more then please email: ashley4009@talktalk.net