Church and Churchyard. Covid-19 update

During Covid-19 lockdown the churchyard has been closed in accordance with government and Church guidelines for the safety of vulnerable people in the local and wider community.

We have recently received notice from the Archdeacon that churchyards, as green spaces, are now open with social distancing rules applying.

So churchyard maintenance can now resume and Guy and Geoff Harrison will be coming in to mow.  As always we welcome any help in the churchyard but please can we ask you not to go in when Guy and Geoff are there.  Obviously social distancing rules still apply.

There will be a churchyard burial in June, with a restricted number of mourners allowed to attend.

The church building itself remains closed. We are presently working through the risk assessments and planning cleaning arrangements for the time that we are allowed to open.

There are two couples who hope to be married at Yarkhill when restrictions are lifted.  This is lovely and something to look forward to. Both will be small gatherings and governed by the guidelines at the time.

Yarkhill Church Social Events are inevitably on hold for the present time but we hope to be able to give you something to look forward to before the end of the year. Watch this space!

Thank you all for your support through this difficult period.


Parish Giving

Living as we do in the rural parish of Yarkhill with its beautiful church on a site of worship that is centuries old, we can all too easily take for granted its presence and role in the community serving our village and its people, as it has done for countless generations.

Whether or not we attend church services most of us live by Christian values and many turn to the Church for major life events such as the celebration of marriage or christenings, or to provide comfort and succour at times of bereavement.
With this in mind and wanting to secure St. John the Baptist’s Church for future generations do you think that YOU can help your local church practically and financially over the coming years?

The Parish Giving Scheme is already helping hundreds of parishes across England and has now arrived in Herefordshire.

The following leaflets, which can be found on the Downloads page, explain the scheme:


ii. PGS FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions).

We, as your local parish church, are thankful for all your generosity and giving, whether in time, talents or treasure, and given in whatever way or whatever amount.

It will help greatly if you are able to join this scheme, as a new giver or in place of any current giving arrangements you have, so that we can look forward to a more secure future and continue to be here for everyone in Yarkhill whenever you need us.

Mandy Williams, Rector

With our thanks and all good wishes

Julia Savagar,   Treasurer, Yarkhill PCC

Electoral roll

Electoral roll

The electoral roll is the parish church’s register of those qualified to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meetings.

Under church rules the roll has to be renewed every 6 years and 2019 is the year for this to happen. That means everyone has to come off the roll and re-apply.
You can apply to be on the Electoral Roll if:

You are baptised
You are over 16 yrs old
You live within Yarkhill Parish or have worshipped regularly at Yarkhill church for at least 6 months.

Application forms can be found in the church or can be downloaded from the website; (see download page). Forms need to be returned to the churchwarden before Friday 5th April.  Either leave them in the church or contact the Churchwarden Ashley Fortey

Supporting the Bell Project

Fundraising and future ambitions of the Yarkhill Church PCC.

It is our hope to install a  kitchen & toilet plus a ringing gallery so that there is space for these additional facilities. A sum of £9,000 has already been earmarked for the kitchen and toilet with the need to find at least £30,000. When we are closer to our target we will need to update our quotations.

Click on the image/s to enlarge


Completion of the old bells including welding the old third: £10,000
Completing the Kitchen & Toilet plus gallery floor: £40,000

Total approximately: £60,000

If you would like to donate then please send cheques payable to ‘Yarkhill PCC bell fund’

Yarkhill Ringing Master
38 Church Road,

All donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged. If you would like to know more then please email: