Social Events

Thank you to all who supported the Church’s recent fund-raising social events.

Cider and Sausages at Yarkhill Village Hall gave a full hall chance to sample Bartestree Cider’s fruity brew whilst feasting on succulent sausages from a very local source. Vinnie’s vibes provided background entertainment and it was a good chance to catch up with friends and neighbours whilst putting some much needed cash into Church finances.  The event raised just over £500.00.

‘Dreamers’ was a new undertaking for us.  Bernard Morgan brought Team Spirit and a specially formed orchestra to the Lady Emily Hall, Tarrington, to perform a moving and rousing musical on the life of the Reverend John Venn.  John Venn was a far sighted social reformer who did boundless work in Victorian Hereford to alleviate the plight of the poor. His ideas led to the provision of a soup kitchen in the hard and hungry eighteen forties, the purchase of land for allotments for the industrious poor to provide food for themselves and most notably the establishment of the Corn Mill (now Berrows Business Centre) for ordinary people to have their grain milled and buy flour at lower prices.
Venn’s legacy continues in the dedicated Christian work of the Vennture Trust who we were delighted to have with us on the evening to showcase their work.

The evening, rounded off with Yarkhill’s delicious refreshments, was a great success and raised in excess of £600.00.

Bingo continues to attract a devoted following and our last session, held at the start of the Easter holidays, gave families and children a fun evening raising around £100.00.  We hope you will return for the next sessions which will be on 18th October and 29th November 2019.

We are also planning a Harvest Supper on Saturday 5th October, details yet to be finalised.

The PCC has worked hard to deliver these events and has been encouraged by the support you have given.  Our Church cannot survive without a significant level of fundraising so please look out for future events and give us your ideas if you think there is anything else we can put on for the community.  Your help and support is always much appreciated.